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Science Outreach


The Science Outreach as a term given to the activities for promoting public awareness of science and making informal contributions to science education is one of my favorites. Accordingly I am try to have a very tiny (negligible) contribution to this.

5) Science for Public articles

5-2 an article  in  "Tekaneh " Magazine of Physics Department of SUT - fall 1394 : CMB Lensing

5-1 an article  in "Asman Shab" Magazine - Aban 1394, No. 37 - General relativity 100 years

4) Now I am the scientific editor of science news section of Physical Society of Iran.

3) Cooperation in One-day with Cosmologist program. A program held in School of Astronomy Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM) with cooperation of Iran association of popularization of science in Science week 2012-2013.

2) One day Cosmology School

Seminar series for B.Sc. students of physics to introduce them with the latest discoveries and frontiers of Cosmology.

b) Isfahan University of Technology - (IUT) - Isfahan - 7 April 2014

with Farhang Habibi, Nima Khosravi and Saeed Tavasoli

a) Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Science - (IASBS) - Zanjan  - 25 Feb. 2014

with Farhang Habibi

1) Giving Public talks on Physics and Cosmology

a) Dark Universe a talk given in "One day with Cosmologist Program" A public talk in IPM -  16 Nov. 2012


Interesting General Books on Science - Physics - Cosmology and ...

1- Heart of Darkness: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Invisible Universe by Jeremiah P. Ostriker & Simon Mitton - Princeton Univversity Press (2013)