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About Me



  I was born in  2 December 1982 in Tehran, the capital and metropolitan of Iran in an Armenian family. Armenians live in Iran from dawn of the history. The interconnection of these two nations is so intense and historically complicated that the combination of these two cultures gave birth to the unique concept of Iranian Armenians.  I was also a byproduct of this concept. My preliminary studies were in Saint Mary Institute, an Armenian school in Tehran, where I  first found out that I like mathematics and Armenian literature at the same time. When I went from Mary Institute  to Hadad Adel high school  I was sure that I love stars more. In 2001 I entered Sharif University of Technology in Physics department.  In a word I start doing physics from 21 century. I got my Bachelors,  Masters and Ph.D.  in Sharif . It was great years where I enjoyed a lot learning and socializing with the most eager minds of our country. I was so lucky in Sharif, because I start doing Cosmology there and start doing it with Sohrab.  Meanwhile of my studies I enjoyed  reading, going through the world of literature, the western philosophy the history of world and the history of art and most importantly I    start thinking. I also start writing poems and short stories in Armenian  and also wrote literary articles about contemporary world literature for Armenian biweekly. In the mean time I participate to the cultural section of Ararat club enjoying the social life and its awesome experiences. In academic life I have the second chance to work with Niayesh in Waterloo Canada and know him and become more enthusiastic about Cosmology. The third chance pops up from IPM, where  I was a postdoctoral fellow from 2012 to 2014. It gave me the chance to do observations with telescopes in 2011, to see what we calculate from sky of La Palma. Meanwhile I enjoy the great joy of scientific collaborations with IPM/Sharif fellows and also I start collaborations with Hassan from IPM and Roya from Institut astrophysique de Paris (IAP) and learn from them. In September 2014, I joined the Physics Department of Sharif University as an assistant Professor.

With the navigation bar in the header of my home page, you can know about my scientific history in my CV, my research Interest, what I do when I am not doing Cosmology in Outside physics, what I write in Armenian in Հայերէն and what I read in فارسی.


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