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Physics II (Spring 2015)


 This is a B.Sc.  course, which will be held in Sharif University of Technology.

Class Time:  Saturday and Monday  15:00- 16:30

Place: Sharif University of Technology, Mathematics Department - Pardis I

Registered students:  

About the Course:

This  is the second University course for Physics. An introduction to the Physics as a Science.

The main Scope of the these course is Electromagnetism.


Assignments:   4 points

Midterm Exam:  7 points

Final  Exam:     9 Points

Total grade: 20

You can find your   Assignments grades click

You can find your   Midterm exam grades  here.

You can find your   Final exam grades here.

You can find your   Final grades here.

In the case, you have question about your grading, please let me know via email, mentioneng the No. of Question.


Suggested Reading:

The main book of this course is :

1)Fundamental of Physics: D. Halliday,  R. Resnick, J. Walker. 9th edition (2010)


Time Line of Lectures:

You can find the time-table of the course and syllabuses here



*Each assignment  set will contain 10 problems which will be updated gradually, please check them time by time to get all the problems of a set. The return date of each problem is mentioned. 

1) Problem Set 1    موعد تحویل :  دوشنبه 4 اسفند  

2) Problem Set 2    موعد تحویل :  دوشنبه 18 اسفند 

You can Find the assignments in the LINK


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