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Physics I (Fall 2015)

General:  Last Update  01 Feb 2016

 This is a B.Sc.  course, which will be held in Sharif University of Technology.

Class Time:  Sunday and  Tuesday  16:30- 18:00

Place: Sharif University of Technology, Mechanics II -  Class room 214

Registered students:  33

TA: Mr. Gorjizadeh

TA Classes: Mondays 17:00 till 18:30 , Place will be announced

About the Course:

This  is the first University course for Physics. An introduction to the Physics as a Science.

The main Scope of the these course is Mechanics.


Assignments:  3 Points 

Class Activity: 1 Point

Midterm Exam I:  5 Points     Tuesday 19 Aban / 10 November @ Alef 22 / @ 16:30

Midterm Exam II:    5 Points   Tuesday 24 Azar / 15 December

Final  Exam:        7 Points

Total: 21 Points

You can find your   Assignments grades click

You can find your   Midterm I exam grades  here.

You can find your   Midterm II exam grades  here.

You can find your   Final exam grades here.

You can find your   Final grades here.

In the case, you have question about your grading, please let me know via email, mentioneng the No. of Question.


Suggested Reading:

The main book of this course is :

1)Fundamental of Physics: D. Halliday,  R. Resnick, J. Walker. 9th edition (2010)

2) Problems in Physics I :  (35 Questions)




The assignments will be  proposed in Assignment classes by Mr. Gorji


Useful Links:

The Scale of Universe : A very intersting web-page to compare the scale in the Universe that we know about them.

Rosetta : About  Rosetta, a comet chaser, which  will be the first spacecraft to orbit a comet’s nucleus.