Mansour Jamzad, PhD
Associate Professor

Department of Computer Engineering,
Sharif University of Technology,
Azadi Ave. Tehran, Iran.
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  • PHD Students:
    Admission Name Research topic
    2008 Fateme Zamani Image Classification
    2015 Artin G.Khatchaturian Image Annotation
    2016 Zeinab Barzegar Medical image processing
    2017 Zeinab Abedini Color constancy

  • Master Students:
    Admission Name Research topic
    2013 Mohammad IranManesh Real time recognition of American sign language based on hand posture using RGBD camera
    2013 Marzie Farhadi Content based image retrieval using segmentation similarity measure
    2013 Mohsen Ghanbarpour Human facial activity recognition using RGBD videos
    2013 Sahar Taheri Image classification with limited number of labelled data using domain adaptation
    2013 Misagh Bahramipour Automatic image annotation using deep learning
    2013 Ali Ebtehaj Human activity recognition using spatio-temporal features in RGBD videos