Mansour Jamzad, PhD
Associate Professor

Department of Computer Engineering,
Sharif University of Technology,
Azadi Ave. Tehran, Iran.
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    Graduated Students

  • PHD Students:
    year admitted-Graduated Name Thesis Title
    2012 - 2016 Azade Sadat Mozafari Domain adaptation using source classifier for object detection
    2011 - 2017 Roya rad Automatic image annotation by multi-view non-negative matrix factorization
    2009 - 2015 Seyed Hamid Amiri Image annotation using semi supervised learning
    2006 - 2011 Amir Hossein Taherinia New generation of On-purpose attacks for evaluating image watermarking methods by preserving the image quality
    2006 - 2010 Hedye Sajedi Improving the embedding capacity of steganography methods
    2004 - 2010 Farzine Yaghmaee, Currently Dr.Yaghmaee is an assistant professor at Department of Electrical Engineering, Semnan University Estimating watermarking capacity of gray scale images
    1999 - 2004 Mohsen Ebrahimi Moghaddam, Currently Dr.Ebrahimi Moghaddam is an associate professor at department of Electrical and Computer Enginnering, Shahid Beheshti University, Terhan Image restoration: Liner motion blur

  • Master Students: tr> tr>
    Year Graduated Name Thesis title
    2017.01 Shima Sherafati The effect of a two steps searching mechanism using feature vectors related to image class in improving the performance of CBIR system
    2014.01 Faraz Forughi Face motion capture using 2 regular cameras and constructing face 3D graphic model
    2014.01 Shahriyar Ehsaie Extracting appropriate features for zero watermarking of similar images for ownership protection
    2014.09 Javad Amiriyan Dynamic motion planning and obstacle avoidance simulation for autonomous robot-car in Webots
    2013.01 Zeynab Ghasemi Naraghi Design and implementation of a face model in video-realistic speech animation for Farsi language
    2013.01 Zeinab Abedini A hybrid methid for improving the color constancy in images
    2013.09 Kourosh Sartipi Indoor office environment mapping using a stereo vision camera on a mobile robot
    2013.09 Zohre Rashidi Moghaddam Recognizing humans main expressions using a mobile camera
    2013.05 Ehsan Zarei A fast algorithm for shadow generation with low distortion based on shadow mask map technique
    2012.09 Amir Hosein Feghahati Object tracking based on detection and learning
    2012.09 Ramin Razi Perchikalaie Human tracking by probabilistic and learning methods
    2011.09 Azade Sadat Mozafari Extracting propare features for human detection in still images
    2011.09 Akram Hashemi Sanjari Cresent moon detection using image processing methods
    2011.09 Amin Moaven Jula Scene classification based on color and texture features
    2011.09 Mahsa Shakeri Improving the robustness of image watermarking for publicaly copyright proving
    2010 Mohammad Mehdi Arzani A real time system for detecting car model and color using SVM
    2010 Zeynab Barzegar Tamper detection in digital images using transform domain
    2010 Zahra Toony Proposing an efficient image hiding method with learning algorithm
    2009 Seyed Hamid Amiri Improving watermarking robustness against print and scan attack
    2009 Zahra Mansouri Color image retrieval using the knowledge of texture and color in binary tree structure
    2009 Mohammad Mehdi Saboorian Image clasification for content based image retreival
    2008 Hamid Reza Vaezi Joze Compositing real objects in virtual studio
    2008 Yasaman Farahani Converting a neural face image to each of its main six facial expressions
    2008 Amir Hossein Ahmadi Face recognition under varying illumination based on a 2D face shape model
    2007 Fariba Sharifian Survey and improvement of robust text image watermarking methods
    2007 Ali Mohammadi Texture Analysis in order to use in Content Baesd Image Retrievals
    2006 Amir Shahroudi Analysis of watermarking methods in DCT and Wavelet domains in order to improve robustness against attacks
    2006 Amir Taheriniya Improving watermarking tobustness against different types of noise and compression
    2006 Mehran Najafi A boosting algorithm for face recognition
    2006 Somayeh Kafi Najafabadi Design and Implementation of face animation with continues changing feelings for Persian speaking
    2006 Behnaz Abdolahi Automatic segmentation of MRI images for localization of brain tumors
    2006 Arvin Ketabat Segmentation of Brain structure with weak edges in MR images
    2006 Morteza Alavi Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR)
    2006 Malihe Habibi Implementation and Design a Facial Animation with Emotion For Persian Speech
    2006 Mohammad Mahdi Amirian Design and implementation of a machine vision system for detecting movement parameters of the ball during a table tennis game
    2006 Yashar Khodaghadiri Enhancement of Mammogram Image Based on Fuzzy Theory
    2005 Sara Sharifi Design and Implementation of Facial Animation with Emotion For Persian Speech
    2005 Negar Sadat Mirsattari Fragile Watermarking for Detecting Illegal Modification in Text Context Graphical Files
    2004 Mahdi Amirian Design and implementation of a machine vision system for detecting movement parameters of the ball during a table tennis game
    2005 Hadi Rahimzade Designing facial animation for speaking Persian language
    2003 Roya Rad Design and implementation of a machine vision system for extracting trafic statistical data in highways
    2003 Abolfazal Keyghobadi Lamjiri Intelligent Vision using the combination of front and omni-directional viewing system for Middle-size soccer robots
    2002 Alireza Hadj Khodabakhshi An omnidirectional viewing system for object detection and localization in middle-size RoboCup Soccer: Design and implementation
    2002 Mitra Tabaei Bafroui Deaign and implemetation of a machine vision system for extracting trafic parameters in highways
    2002 Taha Lotfi Design and implementation of a real time system for road trafic sign recognition
    2000 Alireza Afrasiabian Ceramic tile defect detection in a real-time machine vision system
    2001 Mohammad Gerivani Kouhestani Design and construction of an image processing accelerator and real time mixing board
    1999 Masoud Seyed Razavi Enhancement, identification and counting of chromosomes in microscopic images
    1999 Ali Moshtaghzade Object recognition in Angiogram retinal images
    1999 Jalal Banaii Borujeni Design and implementation of a software for measuring cornea curvature
    1998 Parisa Ghaemi Automatic decomposition of the interface electromyogram