Mansour Jamzad, PhD
Associate Professor

Department of Computer Engineering,
Sharif University of Technology,
Azadi Ave. Tehran, Iran.
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    1. Design and construction of Middle Size Soccer Player Robots (RoboCup)
      Started since October 1988.
      In this research students form Departments of Computer Engineering and
      Mechanical Engineering of Sharif University of Technology are actively involved.

      This research work has achieved the following international awards:

      1. First place in World RoboCup-99 in Stockholm, Sweden
      2. First place in European RoboCup-2000 in Amsterdam, Holland
      3. Third place in World RoboCup-2000 in Melbourne, Australia.
      4. Best Engineering Challenging Award for the research paper on Robot Vision presented in the RoboCup Symposium in Seattle, USA, Sept.2001

    2. Real time machine vision system, for automatic detection of ceramic tiles defects.

    3. Design and construction of an Intelligent Robot:
      This project started on April 2001, in which I and a group of 6 students from department of computer engineering and mechanical engineering constructed a robot that is equipped with a CCD camera, a control board, a pneumatic controlled arm mechanism and some devices for saving different type of items in its body.
      This robot participated in the 2nd Iranian Robotic contest in Oct 2001 and took The first position among 39 robots participated. This robot participated in Japanese RoboFesta competitions in November 2001.

    4. Machine vision systems for road traffic control.

    5. Watermarking and Image Hiding.