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Welcome to the Shahrokhian Research Group Website

Welcome to the Shahrokhian,s Research Group Website. Electrochemical research laboratory, led by Dr. Shahrokhian, is located in the Chemistry Department at Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. Research in the Electrochemical Laboratory is focused on design, fabrication, development and application of electrochemical sensors/biosensors in trace analysis of pharmaceutical and biological species and fabrication electrochemical modified electrodes with nanomaterial to study electrochemical phenomena and their application in supercapacitors and fuel cells system. Our aim is to design novel modified electrodes for electro analytical determinations with good efficiency and acceptable performance. We believed that creativity, critical thinking, knowledge, and independence as prosperous feature are important for any developing research in our laboratory. Please explore the website to learn more about the research fields and projects in the laboratory and the researcher behind the scenes.

Research Fields