22290 Topics in Mathematical Biology: Reading Assignments

Drawing of books 

Unless otherwise noted, all reading assignments are from the textbook. We'll be adding to them over the semester.

  1. By the end of 1st week (9/25/20): Chapter 1-Mathematical Optimization Fundamentals.

  2. By the end of 2nd week (10/2/20): Chapter 2-LP and Duality Theory.

  3. By the end of 3rd week (10/9/20): Chapter 3-Flux Balance Analysis and LP Problems.

  4. By the end of 4th week (10/16/20): QFCA from Applications of convex optimization in metabolic network analysis.

  5. By the end of 5th week (10/23/20): Metabolic network reductions from Applications of convex optimization in metabolic network analysis.

  6. By the end of 6th week (10/30/20): Chapter 4-Modeling with Binary Variables and MILP Fundamentals.

  7. By the end of 7th week (11/6/20): Chapter 5-Thermodynamic Analysis of Metabolic Networks.

  8. By the end of 8th week (11/13/20): Chapter 6-Resolving Network Gaps and Growth Prediction Inconsistencies in Metabolic Networks.

  9. By the end of 9th week (11/20/20): Chapter 7-Identification of Connected Paths to Target Metabolites.

  10. By the end of 10th week (11/27/20): Project Milestone Report.

  11. By the end of 11th week (12/4/20): Project Milestone Report.

  12. By the end of 12th week (12/11/20): Chapter 8-Computational Strain Design.

  13. By the end of 13th week (12/18/20): Chapter 9-NLP Fundamentals.

  14. By the end of 14th week (12/25/20): Chapter 10-NLP Applications in Metabolic Networks.

  15. By the end of 15th week (1/1/21): Chapter 11-MINLP Fundamentals and Applications.

    That finishes up the formal reading assignments. Happy new year!