Research Topics

    Our main research interest is Strongly Correlated Electron Systems. Among many subjects in this field we specially work on quantum magnetism (spin systems at low dimensions, frustrated spin models, ferrimagnets), quantum information aspects of quantum critical behaviors, topological phases, and many-body localization.

     Strongly correlated electron systems cover a wide class of materials and models that show unusual electronic and magnetic properties such as metal-insulator and high-Tc superconductivity. The common feature of this systems is the existence of strong correlations between the electrons which can not be explained effectively in terms of single particle picture. The ground state is the most important state which is responsible for the exotic behavior in strongly correlated electron systems.
Our main research interest is the investigation of ground state phase diagram of such models specially for magnetic materials. The classification of different phases and quantum phase transition between them are part of our investigations. Quantum phase transitions are induced by the change of an external parameter or coupling constant, and are driven by quantum fluctuations. The role of quantum correlations can be understood in terms of quantum information properties of the model. This motivate us to look for the quantum information aspects of a quantum phase transition. We also investigate the exact ground state of some spin models.
Moreover, the effect of disorder and loss on the localization of light in the optical wave guides opens another interesting window in our research plan.
We implement both numerical (exact diagonalization Lanczos, density matrix renormalization group, tree-tensor network) and analytical methods (quantum renormalization group, spin wave theory) in our study. 

    For more information you may have a look at our publications. However We are always open to discuss on the new topics.