Sharif University of Technology

Department of Computer Engineering


Undergraduate Courses

CE40124: Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronic Circuits (Spring & Fall)

CE40494: An Introduction to Bioinformatics Data Analysis (Spring & Fall)

CE 40312:   Digital Electronics

CE 40212:   Logic Design

CE 40353:   VLSI Design

CE 40121:   Electrical Circuits


Graduate Courses

CE 40783:   Bioinformatics Algorithms (Spring & Fall)

Course Materials on Piazza

CE 40783:   Advanced VLSI Design (Fall)

Course Materials on Courseware at Sharif University of Technology

CE 40844:   On-Chip Communications (Spring)

CHAPTER 1   Introduction

CHAPTER 2   Basic Concepts of Bus-Based Communication Architectures

CHAPTER 3   Networks-On-Chip

CHAPTER 4  Test and Fault Tolerance for NoC Infrastructures (Part I, Part II)

CHAPTER 5   Energy and Power Issues in Network-on-Chips

CHAPTER 6   Three-Dimensional on-Chip Communication Architectures

CHAPTER 7   Emerging On-Chip Interconnect Technologies

CHAPTER 8   Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) Photonics

CHAPTER 9   Optical on-Chip Interconnects

Final Project   Description, Topics




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