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  • Weyl Metals as Proxies for Astrophysical Dynamos
  • Tiny Magnetic Tremors Unlock Exotic Superconductivity (physics.org)
  • Dirac Semimetals and Fermi Arcs

About Group

The research in my group focuses primarily on theoretical condensed matter physics including topological phases of matter and the search of new topological materials. Our goal is to understand how the quantum many-body systems with emergent collective degrees of freedom result from strong spin-orbit coupling, electron correlations, and the topological twists provided by quantum mechanics. The quantum topology yields a highly entangled ground state with exotic quasiparticles that are robust against perturbations. Examples of my recent works include topological insulators, topological superconductors, topological Weyl and Dirac semi-metals, topological crystalline insulators, spin liquids, topological photonic insulators, and quantum critical phenomena.

Projects :

  Postdoc positions are now available in my group.

  Projects are available at all levels for undergraduate, Master of science and PhD students.

  If you are interested in joining my group, please stop by to hear more. My office is located in Physics building no. 616.

Education & Careers

BSc in Physics : University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, July 2004.

MSc in Physics : Sharif University of Technology, Iran, May 2006.

Ph.D in Physics : Sharif University of Technology, Iran, Sept. 2009.

Postdoctoral Fellow : University of Texas at Austin, Texas, US, Jan 2010-Aug 2013.

Postdoctoral Fellow : Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, US, Sept 2013-Aug 2015.

Postdoctoral Associate : University of Maryland, Joint Quantum Institute and Condensed Matter Theory Center, College Park, MD, US, Sept 2015-Aug 2017.

Assistant Professor : Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, Sept 2017 - Feb 2022.

Associate Professor : Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, Feb 2022.


  CV: Kargarian's CV


  Doctoral thesis: Entanglement, quantum phase transition and topological order (2009).

  MSc thesis: Thermal stability of NiSi layers (2006).