Graduate Students

Current Students

Ph.D. Candidates

  1. Ali Reza Baraani
    Thesis: Personalization of aggregated reranking

  2. Ahmad Abniki
    Thesis: Learning graph from data

  3. Zohreh Fallahnejad
    Thesis: Entity embedding for expert retrieval

  4. Mahmood Karimian
    Thesis: Concept drift handling: Domain adaptation perspective

  5. Mohammad Mahini
    Thesis: Large-scale graph analysis using graphlets

  6. Fariba Lotfi (Co-supervised with Dr. Jamzad)
    Thesis: Representing an image annotation model using Label dependencies and graph convolutional networks

  7. Zeynab Abedini (Co-supervised with Dr. Jamzad)
    Thesis: Color Constancy In Images Based on Contrast Stretching and Deep Learning

M.Sc. Students

  1. Fatemeh Karimkhani
    Thesis: Personalized dialogue generation using transfer learning

  2. Mohammad Hassan Mojab
    Thesis: Active localization via adaptive information acquisition

  3. Mohammad Hassan Mostmand
    Thesis: Persian named entity recognition using cross-lingual transfer learning

  4. Arash Lagzian
    Thesis: Image anomaly detection based on deep learning

  5. Mohammad Haghighat
    Thesis: Fraud Detection in Financial Transactions

  6. Ali Safarpoor
    Thesis: Recommender systems based on knowledge graph

  7. Armin Hejazian
    Thesis: Neural architecture search for image classification

  8. Hamed Hematian
    Thesis: ‫‪History‬‬ m‪odeling‬‬ ‫‪in‬‬ c‪onversational‬‬ question‬‬ answering‬‬

  9. Elyas Esmaeili

  10. Zahra Khoramnejad

  11. Parham Abedazad

  12. Mostafa Masumi



  1. Arman Sepehr (Graduated at July 2022)
    Thesis: Information and influence diffusion in social networks

  2. Ahmad Khajehnejad (Graduated at Feb. 2022)
    Thesis: Learning deep generative models for structured data

  3. Zeynab Barzegar (Co-supervised with Dr. Jamzad) (Graduated at Dec. 2020)
    Thesis: Glioma Tumor Segmentation using Image Processing of Brain MRI
    Currently, Assistant professor at Iran University of Medical Sciences

  4. Artin Ghostan Khatchatoorian (Co-supervised with Dr. Jamzad) (Graduated at Sep. 2020)
    Thesis: A self rectifying model for automatic image annotation

  5. Dr. Ahmad Ali Abin (Graduated at June 2014)
    Thesis: Active constrained clustering using instance-level constraint ranking
    Currently, Assistant professor at Shahid Beheshti University

  6. Dr. Mahmood Neshati (Graduated at March 2014)
    Thesis: Expert Retrieval and ranking
    Currently, Assistant professor at Shahid Beheshti University


  1. Heydar Soudani (Graduated at July 2022)
    Thesis: Predicting novelty concepts in data streams

  2. Shervin Naseri (Graduated at Oct 2021)
    Thesis: Estimating Protein-Protein Interaction Network Similarity through Sampling

  3. Mahshid Khatami (Co-supervised with Dr. Rabiee) (Graduated at Oct. 2021)
    Thesis: Identification of the set of single nucleotide variants in genome responsible for the differentiation of expression of genes

  4. Ilia Abolhassani (Co-supervised with Dr. Maraashi) (Graduated at Sep. 2021)
    Thesis: A method for binning of metagenomic sequences fragment

  5. Ebrahim Badrestani (Graduated at Sep. 2021)
    Thesis: Short term traffic state forecasting for travel time estimation

  6. Mohammad ali Mirziaie (Graduated at July 2021)
    Thesis: Learning Representation for Heterogeneous Information Networks

  7. Mohammad Mehdi Aghajani (Graduated at June 2021)
    Thesis: Named Entity Recognition in Persian Language using Deep Learning

  8. Hamed Mahdavi (Graduated at March 2021)
    Thesis: Approximate Inference in Social Network Models

  9. Hamed Mahdavi (Graduated at March 2021)
    Thesis: Approximate Inference in Social Network Models

  10. Mohsen Olumi (Graduated at Sep. 2020)
    Thesis: Forecasting Stock Market Price Movements Using Time Series Analysis

  11. Mohammad Miri (Graduated at Jul. 2020)
    Thesis: Expert retrieval in community-based question answering

  12. Aliakbar Vishkaie (Graduated at Jul. 2020)
    Thesis: Dual translation tasks using dual learning

  13. Fariba Lotfi (Co-supervised with Dr. Soleymani) (Graduated at Sep. 2018)
    Thesis: Deep learning for community question answering

  14. Pourya Moradi (Co-supervised with Dr. Jamzad) (Graduated at Jan. 2018)
    Thesis: Improving the 3D segmentation of nodules in lung CT images

  15. Hadi Moazen (Co-supervised with Dr. Jamzad) (Graduated at Jan. 2018)
    Thesis: Improving skin cancer (melanoma) detection using visual features

  16. Mohsen Mahdieh (Graduated at Sep. 2018)
    Thesis: Improving sampling efficiency of probabilistic graphical models

  17. Fatemeh Pahlevan Aghababa (Graduated at Jan. 2018)
    Thesis: Modeling mechanism of visual attention using brain signals

  18. Hatef Madani (Graduated at Jan. 2018)
    Thesis: Fast parameter estimation in Markov random field

  19. Mohammad Javad Abasi (Graduated at Jan. 2017)
    Thesis: Active constraint clustering by instance-level constraint ranking using estimated cluster boundaries

  20. Reza Rajebli (Graduated at Jan. 2017)
    Thesis: : Classification of EEG signals to detect predefined words in imagined speech

  21. Arash Behmand (Graduated at Jan. 2017)
    Thesis: Unsupervised Command Detection in EEG-based Brain-Computer Interface

  22. Ali Derakhsahn (Graduated at Jan. 2017)
    Thesis: Analysing purchase satisfication using opinion mining

  23. Tina Khajeh (Co-supervised with Dr. Motahari) (Graduated at Jan. 2017)
    Thesis: Enhancing and normalizing DNA microarray data using RNA-Seq datasets

  24. Saeed Karimi (Graduated at Sep. 2016)
    Thesis: Axioms for graph clustering quality functions

  25. Rayhaneh Ameri (Graduated at Sep. 2016)
    Thesis: Author identification using statistical methods

  26. Zohreh Fallahnejad (Graduated at Sep. 2016)
    Thesis: Expert finding in question and answering communities

  27. Aslan Mehrabi (Co-supervised with Dr. Motahari) (Graduated at Nov. 2015)
    Thesis: Learning and associating phenotypic behavior of organisms using biological dada

  28. Amir Keramatian (Graduated at Sep. 2015)
    Thesis: Constraint clustering for high dimensional data

  29. Amir Hossein Goli (Graduated at Sep. 2015)
    Thesis: Community detection in very large networks

  30. Sahba Ezami (Graduated at Sep. 2015)
    Thesis: Aspect-based opinion mining for product reviews

  31. Alireza Baraani (Graduated at Sep. 2014)
    Thesis: Predicting expert rank range in expert retrieval

  32. Afrooz Vazefehdan (Graduated at Sep. 2014)
    Thesis: Online distance metric learning

  33. Hesam Talebi (Graduated at Sep. 2014)
    Thesis: Management of classifiers pool in data stream classification using probabilistic graphical models

  34. Mohammad Asghari (Graduated at Sep. 2014)
    Thesis: Link prediction in complex networks

  35. Sobhan Foroughi (Graduated at Sep. 2014)
    Thesis: Combining trust-based and collaborative filtering methods to enhance recommender systems

  36. Elham Akbari Azirani (Graduated at Jan. 2014)
    Thesis: Designing an estimation of distribution algorithm based on data mining methods

  37. Poorya Zaremoodi (Graduated at Sep. 2013)
    Thesis: Novel class detection in data streams

  38. Arman Sepehr (Graduated at Sep. 2013)
    Thesis: Multi-class semi-supervised classification of data streams

  39. Hadi Hashemi (Graduated at Sep. 2013)
    Thesis: Expert finding in bibliographic network

  40. Ameneh Gholipour Shahraki (Graduated at June 2013)
    Thesis: A semi-supervised classification algorithm for data stream using decision tree algorithm

  41. Mojtaba Kasaian (Graduated at May 2013)
    Thesis: An outlier detection and cleaning algorithm in classification applications

  42. Maryam Shadloo (Graduated at Feb. 2012)
    Thesis: An active learning algorithm for spam filtering

  43. Mohammad Zaman Zamani (Graduated at Oct. 2012)
    Thesis: An online learning algorithm for spam filtering

  44. Mohsen Ghafoorian (Graduated at Oct. 2012)
    Thesis: Automatic skill learning using community detection approach

  45. Sajad Kamalizadeh (Graduated at Oct. 2012)
    Thesis: Multi-label text classification

  46. Mohammad Javad Hosseini (Graduated at Oct. 2012)
    Thesis: An semi-supervised ensemble learning algorithm for nonstationary data streams classification

  47. Mahdieh Dehghan (Graduated at Jan. 2012)
    Thesis: Concept drift detection in dada streams using ensemble classifiers

  48. Nasrin Taghizadeh (Graduated at Dec. 2011)
    Thesis: Autonomous skill acquisition in reinforcement learning based on graph clustering

  49. Behnaz Moradabadi (Graduated at Sep. 2011)
    Thesis: Designing an estimation distribution algorithm based on learning automata

  50. Parinaz Sobhani (Graduated at Sep. 2011)
    Thesis: Data stream classification in presence of concept drift using ensemble learning

  51. Zeinab Mokhtari (Graduated at Feb. 2011)
    Thesis: Call admission control schemes in WiMAX networks

  52. Hossein Tajari (Graduated at Jan. 2011)
    Thesis: Using transductive learning classification in bioinformatics

  53. Sabereh Sadeghi (Graduated at Dec. 2010)
    Thesis: Feature ranking in text classification

  54. Alborz Mazloomian (Graduated at Dec. 2010)
    Thesis: Inferring signaling pathways from RNAi data using machine learning

  55. Elham Ghanbari (Graduated at Jun. 2010)
    Thesis: Incremental learning approach in spam detection

  56. Zahra Rahaie (Graduated at Jan. 2010)
    Thesis: A study on credit assignment problem among reinforcement learning agents

  57. Meysam Ahangaran (Graduated at Jan. 2010)
    Thesis: Cellular learning automata and its applicatios in pattern recognition

  58. Samane Sadat Mousavi (Graduated at Jan. 2010)
    Thesis: Design of local rule for cellular automata using evolutionary algorithms using clustering for routing in sensor networks

  59. Somayeh Alian (Graduated at Nov. 2009)
    Thesis: Using clustering for routing in sensor networks

  60. Zahra Ahmadi (Graduated at Sep. 2009)
    Thesis: Cost-sensitive classifiers and their applications

  61. Jalal Kazemitabar (Graduated at Jan. 2009)
    Thesis: Automatic skill acquisition in reinforcement learning

  62. Misagh Bagherian (Graduated at Jan. 2009)

  63. Mehrnoush Famil Saeedian (Graduated at Dec. 2008)
    Thesis: Machine learning in automated spam detection

M.Sc. (Kish Campus)

  1. Kameli Asgarian Amiri (Graduated at Dec. 2011)
    Thesis: Load balancing with handover in mobile WiMAX

  2. Leili Nosrati (Graduated at Feb. 2011)
    Thesis: Concept drift detection in spam filtering

  3. Shahrooz Samadi (Graduated at Dec. 2010)
    Thesis: Adaptive routing in Ad-Hoc wireless multi-hop networks

  4. Samira Afzal (Graduated at Dec. 2011)
    Thesis: Accurate and low-cost location estimation using machine learning techniques in wireless sensor networks

  5. Elaheh Heidarzadeh (Graduated at Dec 2011)
    Thesis: Using learning algorithms for energy efficient routing in wireless sensor networks/

  6. Sonia Nazari (Graduated at Dec 2010)
    Thesis: An uplink packet scheduling algorithm in fixed PMP WiMAX networks with TDD frame structure

  7. Farnoosh Jalinia (Graduated at Dec 2009)
    Thesis: The CBK-Neigh protocol for symmetric topology control in Ad Hoc networks

  8. Leila Mortazavifar (Graduated at March 2009)
    Thesis: Comparison of multiple services call admission control schemes in cellular mobile networks

  9. Zahra Firoozi (Graduated at March 2009)
    Thesis: Comparison of single service call admission control schemes in cellular mobile networks