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Amin Farhang: Probing the Local Bubble with Diffuse Interstellar Band, (2016)

Yousef Pezeshkian: Studies related to establishment of an array including 20 scintillation detectors, (2015)

Hadi Hedayati: A new method for finding core location and arrival direction of Extensive Air Showers, (2011)

Farzaneh Sheidaei: Study on very high energy Cosmic ray at Tehran surface, (2009)


Masume Rezaie: Simulation of cosmic ray flux in presence and absence of the sun (on and off respectively) and simulation of light enclosures of cosmic ray telescope, (2012)

Somayyeh Sabzehee: Detection of Cosmic ray by Chi-Square Data Fitting Method in Extensive Air Shower Array, (2011)

Soheila Abdollahi: Measurement of the atmospheric muon charge ratio using a Cosmic ray telescope, (2011)

Saba Mortazavi Moghaddam: Optimization of water Cherenkov detector, (2010)

Mohammad Dehghani Ashkezari: Study of high energy Cosmic ray using a tracking telescope, (2008)

Sareh Eftekharzadeh: The investigation of globular clusters, (2008)

Yousef Pezeshkian: Theoretical and experimental studies of Resistive Plate Chamber (RPC) detector, (2007)

Farzaneh Sheidaei: Dependence of zenith and azimuth angle of atmospheric muons at Tehran level, (2004)


Seyed Fowad Motahari: Analysing the simulated cosmic ray showers with Corsika code, reaching an array consisting 20 scintillation detectors, (Current)

Zeynab Kalantari: Study on secondary particles of extensive air showers reached to the observation level, (2013)

Mohammad Javad Ajdadi: Calibration of an astronomical imaging system (DSI CCD), (2010)

Babak Fotouhi: A simulation on operation of a particle detector (Hodoscope), (2010)

Mojtaba Taheri: 3 dimensional simulation of spherical clusters, (2010)

Farnaz Behroozi: Deposit energy spectrum related to cosmic particles passing through a scintillation detector, (2009)

Shobane Hemmati: Simulation of Deposit energy spectrum related to cosmic particles passing through a scintillation detector, (2009)

Seyed Mohammad Mirkazemi: Study of lunar and solar effects on Cosmic rays using a tracking telescope, (2008)

A’zam Maani: Study of Geomagnetic field on CORSIKA data, (2007)

Azade Keivani: Data analysis of an extensive air shower array, (2007)

Amir Shahmoradi: Investigation on number of secondary particles produced by ultra high energy Gamma rays, (2007)

Seyyed Hassan Halataei: Data analysis of EASs simulated by CORSIKA code, (2007)

Omid Bayat, Theory of extensive air shower formation, (2006)

Alireza Farahmandi: Measurement of atmospheric muons energy at Tehran level, (2006)

Sayeh Rajabi: Magnetic monopole, (2005)