Research Interests:

 1.  Energy System Modeling at Micro and Macro Levels

 2.  Modeling and Analysis of Energy-Environment-Economy Interaction

  3. Modeling Energy R&D, Innovation and Technology Development

  4. Energy Economics

 5. Energy Efficiency & Environment Market and Energy Services

 6. Exergy Analysis and Sustainable Development

 7. Energy Transition and Social Changes

 8. Energy-Water-Environment Nexus and Integration

 9. Circular Economy and Sustainable Development

10. Energy Management & Energy Optimization

11. Integrated Management of Resources & Environment

12. Planning and Management of R&D and Development of Technologies

13. Energy Efficiency & Environment

14. Design and Development of Energy Processing and Conversion Technologies

15. Development of Technologies on Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection



1     -      "Use of a cyclone heat exchanger in the production of iron sponge"

     Patent No.: GB2452712A Journal No.: 6252

     UK Intellectual Patent Office – 18.03.2009


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