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Photo Gallery



Research Group Meeting # 100  and  Abbas Khanbeigi  BD - Saturday ( 28 Bahman 1396 / 17 February 2018) - Place: Physics department - 6th floor

Special Relativity Class- Fall 2017

Cosmology Seminar - Physics Department Sharif University of Technology - Dr. Roya Mohayaee on Anisotropic Universe and bulk flow on large scales - 3 Jan 2017

Astronomy Class- Spring 2016

General Relativity - Spring 2016

Galaxies Insides Out Conference tehran - IPM - JAN 2015

Conference of Galaxies Inside Out - Jan 2015 - IPM - Tehran. From left to right: Nima Khosravi, Shahram Khosravi, Sohrab Rahvar, Ghasem Gozali, Encieh Erfani, Farhang Habibi and Shant Baghram.

Institute for Reseach in Fundamental Sciences- School of Astronomy - Theoretical  Cosmology Group - Nov. 2013

After Ph.D. defence- Sharif University of Technology - Physics department - 28 August 2011

Sharif University Physics Department- Cosmology Group - 2008