Research Proceedings


    Sharif University of Technology (2000-2003)    

  1. Evaluation of Designing Structural Steel Building, Subject to Earthquake Loading

  2. Seismic Response of Tall Structural Steel Building, Using Iranian Design Code

  3. Investigation of the Effects of Different Configuration of Steel Bracings on Tall Building, Subject to Earthquake

  4. Using the New Version of Iranian Design Building Code

  5. Comparison: European Design Code with Iranian Design Code

  6. Frictional Tuned Liquid Damper

  7. Stability of Damaged Plate and Shell Structures", Part 1&2 (Farsi)

  8. Behavior of Concrete Shell Structures",  (Farsi)

  9. Behavior of Concrete Funicular Shells",  (Farsi)

    Books (1997-2003)

  1.  Vafai, A., Analysis and Design of Steel Structures, Sharif University Press. In press (Farsi).  

  2. Vafai, A., Estekanchi, H. E. and Szidarovsky, F., Finite Element Buckling Analysis of  Thin Cracked Shell Structures, In press.  

  3.  Vafai, A. and Mofid, M., Finite Element Analysis for Undergraduates, ISBN 964-6379-01-x, (1998) (Farsi).  

  4.  Vafai, A. and Bindra, S. P. Technology Series: The State of Technology Transfer and Vocational Training, Sharif University  of Technology, Tehran, I.R. Iran (1997).


    Professional Engineering Career (1972-2003)

    As a national and international engineering consultant, I have been involved in numerous engineering projects worldwide as a design engineer and, later, in a managerial capacity.


    Planning, layout, detailing, estimating, specification, testing analysis and design, construction and administration of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings covering chemical and petro-chemical plants, electrical plants, power generation, airport hangars and highrise (70 story) buildings.  This work was carried out for clients, including Union Carbide, Texaco and the Gulf Oil Company in the USA, the Central Bank of Iran and Municipality of Shiraz in Iran and Romboll & Hanneman, Hoogard & Schultz and Skaarup & Jepperson in Denmark

    The engineering projects and positions held include:

  • Housing Development in Iran (member of Board of Directors)

  • Port Sector Study of Iran

  • “Regional Center for Promotion of Science and Technology” in collaboration with ‘ESCAP’ (Chairman)

  • City Terminal, Shiraz

  • Pollution Control, Shiraz River

  • Lake Urumia Bridge Feasibility Study

  • The Evaluation of Design Systems for New Tehran Airport

  • Iron Ore Terminal on Persian Gulf (Hormozgan Steel Complex)

  • Prefabricated Housing

  • Brown and Root Inc, Houston, Texas, USA (Structural Engineer)