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Sharif University of Technology


Graduate School of
Management and Economics


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Seyyed Babak Alavi


Associate Prof.

Graduate School of Management and Economics


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Seyyed Babak Alavi is an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Management and Economics (GSME), Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. His research interests, teaching, and consultancy relate to organizational behavior, organizational leadership, and human resource development. More specifically, Babak is interested in topics related to human agency and motivational regulations that facilitate human growth and well-being in organizational contexts.

He is currently involved in research on authenticity and self-determination theory in organizational contexts, feedback-seeking behaviors and feedback reaction and effectiveness, authentic leadership, team leadership, and the roles of efficacy beliefs in change processes. Babak has also conducted several research and consultancy projects on career management, performance management, coaching, and competency model development for middle and top managers.



09/2005 – Present

Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

      Program manager of the joint MBA program of GSME and Royal Roads University (2005-2006)

      Program Manager of Ph.D. in Management, GSME (2006-2008)

      Associate Dean for Research, GSME (2007-2009)

      Head of Department of Management, GSME (2012-2014)

      President, Tehran International Management Conference (2014-2017)

      Associate Dean for Education and Graduate Studies, GSME (2019-2021)

      Head of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management Unit, GSME (2012-present).



·       Ph.D. in Education (Team Effectiveness), University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, (2002-2005).

·       MSc. In Educational Leadership, University of Tehran, Iran, (1997-1999).

·       BSc. In Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, (1988-1992).



      Workshop: Structural Equation Modeling (LISREL), Australian National University (One week)

      Workshop: Multi-level modeling, Australian National University (One week)

      Academic visit: Western Sydney University, School of Education (One month)

      Academic visit: Melbourne University, Center for Ethical Leadership (One month)

      Academic visit: University of Texas at Arlington, College of Business, Department of Management (Ten month)



·       MBA programs: Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management (Both in Farsi and English), Advanced Human Resource Management, Advanced Organizational Behavior, Research Methods, Organizational Leadership, Motivation (Both in Farsi and English)

·       Ph.D. programs: Qualitative Research Methods, Seminar in Organizational Behavior, Seminar in Human Resource Development

·       Workshops and Training programs for top managers of several Iranian companies: Topics in Organizational behavior, Coaching, Leadership, Change Leadership, HRM Functions, Performance Management



·       Alavi, S.B. (2023). The Making of an Authentic Leader’s Internalized Moral Perspective: The Role of Internalized Ethical Philosophies in the Development of Authentic Leaders’ Moral Identity. Journal of Business Ethics.

·       Kazemi, M. & Alavi, S. B. (2022). Is context important for understanding board leadership? Exploring chairpersonsleadership roles in board processes of subsidiary companies. Journal of Management and Governance.

·       Alavi, S. B. & McCormick, J. (2018). Why do I think my team is capable: A study of some antecedents of team members’ personal collective efficacy beliefs. Educational Psychology: An International Journal of Experimental Educational Psychology, 38 (9), 1147-1162.

·       Alavi, S. B. & Gill, C. (2017). Leading Change authentically: How authentic leaders influence follower responses to complex changeJournal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 24 (2), 157-171. First published on-line: August-16-2016.

·       Alavi, S. B. & McCormick, J. (2016). Implications of proxy efficacy for studies of team leadership in organizational settings. European Psychologist, 21 (3), 218-228.

·       Alavi, S. B. & McCormick, J. (2008), The roles of perceived task interdependence and group members' interdependence in the development of collective efficacy in university student group contexts. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 78, 375-393.

·       Alavi, S. B. & McCormick, J. (2007). Measurement of vertical and horizontal idiocentrism and allocentrism in small groups. Small Group Research, 38 (2), 556-564.

·       McCormick, J., Barnett, K., Alavi, S. B. & Newcomb, G. (2006). Board governance of independent schools: a framework for investigation. Journal of Educational Administration, 44 (5), 429-445.

·       Alavi, S. B. & McCormick, J. (2004). Theoretical and measurement issues for studies of collective orientation in team contexts. Small Group Research, 35 (2), 111-127.


·       Board member consultant: System Group Co. (2013-2015)

·       Member of the corporate board: System Group Co. (2012-2014)

·       Member of the service center company’s board: System Group Co. (2012-2014)

·       CEO: Farapooyesh Kian Co. (2000-2002)

·       Competency Model Development: System Group Co., Tosan Group Co.

·       Performance management system and coaching: MAPNA MD1 Co., System Group Co.

·       Strategic Human Resource Management: System Group Co.

·       Change plans for implementing different management systems: System Group Co., Tiv Energy Co., Keyson Co., Tosan Techno Co.



Different areas of performance management, coaching, motivation, authentic leadership, shared leadership, board leadership, strategic human resource development, career planning



·       Best Teaching Award at GSME: 7 times (yearly)

·       Best Teaching Award at Sharif University of Technology: 2 Times (2008 and 2012)



My website in Farsi:

Scholar Google:




Graduate School of Management and Economics (GSME),
Sharif University of Technology,
Teimoori Blvd., Habibollahi Ave., Azadi st., Tehran, Iran,
Postcode 1459973941