Crystallography and Structural Inorganic Chemistry Research Group

Noncovalent Interactions and Crystal Engineering.

Structure Systematics 

Latest research efforts in Dr. Kia’s laboratory are focused on synthesis, characterization and intra- and intermolecular interaction studies in organometallic and metal-organic complexes. The different intermolecular interactions such as n→π* interaction, halogen, chalcogen and hydrogen bonding are our main focus for crystal engineering in these systems. 

Among different system of interest are: Metal carbonyl complexes with Mo(CO)4, Mn(CO)3 and Re(CO)3 cores, metal-organic Cu(I) and Au(I) complexes; Ru-nitrosyl and nitro complexes. 

Design, synthesis and characterization of new bulky NN-donor tetraazaphenanthere-based ligands in coordination chemistry of Cu(I) and Re(I)(CO)3 complexes

 We are also working on the design, synthesis and characterization of metal nitro, M-NO2, complexes as bistable systems for isomerization between nitro-nitrito (-NO2 & -ONO) in the solid state. 

 We are using laboratory- and synchrotron-based X-ray crystallography techniques along with computational chemistry methods such as QTAIM, NBO, and NCI index to pursue the nature and energy of the intra- and intermolecular interactions in these systems.

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