Educational Background
Research Interests
Courses Taught
Professional Background
Awards and Honors
Dr Hossein Aashuri

Professor, PhD, 1976, Aston University, England

Casting and Solidification.


Tel.: +98 21 6616 5203
Fax: +98 21 6600 5717

Educational Background
1990-Present : Lecturer, Sharif University of Technology.
1978-1990 : Lecturer, Isfehan University of Technology.
1973-1978 : Postgraduate Student, Aston University, UK.
1971-1973 : Research Assistant, Materials Research and Application Laboratory.
1971 : B.Sc., Sharif University of Technology.

Research Interests
Solidification, Casting, Semi-solid processing.

Courses Taught
Properties of Materials
Fundamental of Casting
Solidification of Metals
Casting I and II
Industrial Furnaces Design
Non-Ferrous Casting
X-Ray Crystallography
Diffusion in Solids
Advanced Solidification Processes

Professional Background
Casting design and foundry processes.
Zinc alloys die-casting.
Industrial furnaces design.

Awards and Honors


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