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First name : ALIREZA


Date of birth : 21. 3. 1964

Nationality: Iranian


1988: Obtaining Diploma of Studies of University

            General- Series A. Paul-Sabatier University, Toulouse, FRANCE.

1989: Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry- Physic, Paul- sabatier University, Toulouse 


1990: Masters Degree in Chemistry, Paul - Sabatier University, Toulouse, FRANCE.

1993 : Diploma of Studies of Appofondit (D.E.A) in the Water and wastewater

           Treatment, INSA, Toulouse, FRANCE.



A)    Subject : To create an equipment which by help of  RO  to separate parts of a Solution from each other

Period : 3 months in summer 1989

Location : L`Ecole Superieure d Ingenieur Genie Chimique, Toulouse, FRANCE

B)    Subject : The Methods of Diabatisation in Calculus AB Initio, Application over CsH.

Period : 9  months in the academic year 1990-91

Location : Quantic physics Laboratory, 205 CNRS, Toulouse, FRANCE

Informatic Knowledge:

Language C, ADA, fortan, Pascal,

Research Projects :

1-Assessment of Monod model performance in biological treatment.

2-Investigation of numerical analysis in modeling of biological treatment.

3-Investigation of Ghalous river quality by Qual2E model.

4-The quality adjustment of Jajrood river`s area.




1-"Behavior of Ascorbic Acid and Biological Systems, a Study of Interactions in Cu(II) Binary and Ternary Complexes in Aqueous Solution", IJABR,vol 10,issue-2, (2019).

2-"Complex Properties and Equilibrium Studies of Ascorbic Acid with Metal Ions in Aqueous Solution", Journal of BIOTECHNOLOGY ADVANCES,(2018).

3-"Investigation of thermal behavior of  ?-PbO and ?-PbO in O۲ atmosphere", Journal  METALURGIJA,(2018).

4-"Estimates of vegetation and changes in rainfall and runoff in the catchment area A Case Study of Latian watershed", Journal Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications,(2017).

5-"Biokinetic modeling for aerobic treatment of aqueous phase of oil-water emulsion", Journal Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications,(2016).

6-"Equilibria and Stability in Tartrate", IJRRMDS,(2015).

7-"Modeling and simulation of watershed erosion (case study latian dam watershed)", International Journal of Physical Sciences,(2014).


 E-mail : alavi @Sharif.edu

Iran, Tehran, Azadi St, Sharif University of Technology, PO Box: 11365-8639