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Undergraduate Courses

  1. Electric Energy System Analysis I: This is an introductory course in the field of power systems. The course covers an overview of power system modeling, load flow analysis, and economic dispatch studies.
  2. Electric Energy Conversion I: This course is intended to provide the theoretical background knowledge required to understand the design and functionality of single and three phase transformers and synchronous, asynchronous, and DC machines. 
  3. Electric Engineering Fundamentals: This course mainly focuses on the analysis of linear time invariant electrical circuits.

Graduate Courses

  1. Electric Energy Distribution Systems: This is an advanced course in electrical distribution systems with focus on assessment, planning, and operation of distribution systems.
  2. Applications of Convex Optimization in Power System Studies: The course focuses on convex optimization, duality theory, and Karush-Kuhn-Tucker as well as some sample applications in emerging topics in power systems. 
  3. Modern Power System Operation: This is an advanced course that covers major operation and management issues in power systems. The course mainly focuses on economic dispatch, optimal power flow, and unit commitment studies, power system security, monitoring and control infrastructures, and state estimation analysis.
  4. Seminar Course: This course is intended to cover research methodology, technical document presentation techniques, and oral presentation skills.