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Ph.D. Students

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M.Sc. Students

  1. Sina Gharehbaghi, distribution network planning
  2. Reza Mahroo Bakhtiari, residential demand response
  3. Hamed Taghipour, residential demand response
  4. Milad Izadi, distribution network automation
  5. Mohammad Farajollahi, distribution network automation, (cosupervised with Prof. M. Fotuhi-Firuzabad), 2016
  6. Milad Kabirifar, residential demand response, (cosupervised with Prof. M. Fotuhi-Firuzabad), 2016

B.Sc. Students

  1. Mohammad Mohammadyari, residential demand response
  2. Mina Habibi, transmission network switching
  3. Mojtaba Aboutalebi, electricity billing
  4. Mohammad Sadegh Haji Abedini, residential demand response
  5. Ali Ghandi, residential demand response
  6. Alireza Azampour, survey of worldwide in electricity market design
  7. Ali Norouzi, industrial demand response
  8. Ali Akbar Momeni Malekshah, analysis of electricity retailers behavior
  9. Mostafa Mohseni Kabir, risk assessment in power system studies, 2016
  10. Koorosh Seyedzadeh, PBR in electric distribution level, 2016
  11. Ali Jalilian, CVR in distribution networks, 2016
  12. Mohammad Javad Hasanzadeh, design and construction of a smart voltage meter, 2016
  13. Omid Mirzapour, design and construction of a directional FPI, 2016