Mousavi Sayed-Reza


Department of Chemistry
Sharif University of Technology

Fax:(+9821) 66005718,66012983
Phone:(+9821) 66005718, 66165332


Educational Background

                   M.Sc in Analytical Chemistry, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran (1974)

                   B.Sc. in Chemistry, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran (1972)

Professional Background


A: Academic

                   Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, SUT (1976-Now).

                   Master of Chemistry, Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Applied Research Center.1974-1976.

                   Director of Central Library of Sharif University of Technology.

                   Director of Service Laboratory for Industries in Department of Chemistry, Sharif University of Technology.

                   Director of Control Laboratories for Foods, Cosmetics and Hygienic, Kish University, Kish Island.


B: Management and Consultant

         Director for Administration and H.R. of Sharif University of Technology.

         Director of president office of Sharif University of Technology.

         Vice president for Administrative and Financial Affairs of I.H.C.R.

         Vice for Administrative and Financial Affairs of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Research Institute.

         Vice for Administrative and Financial Affairs of Kish University.

         Academic and Management Advisors for Companies such as PAKSHOO, GOLRANG, Iran Glasswool, Iran Rockwool, Namgun, Black pearl, ISIRI.

         Director of ISIRI/TC 91 Technical Committee.

         Member of High Consul of Iranian Chemical and Engineering Society.

         Acting Manager and Member of Acting Committee of Many Seminars.




                   Environmental Analysis

                   Water, Wastewater Treatment

                   Trace Analyses

                   Analytical Instrumentation

                   Development of Standard Method and Systems

                   Material Analysis and Formulations



A: Journals

                   A. Ghasempour, R. Daneshfar, S.R. Mousavi, M.R. Arshadi, Rapid Sensitive Determination of Cyclosporin by Pyrolysis Mass Spectrometery, Analytical Science 15 (1999) 457-463.

                   K. Kargosha, S. Hosseiny Davarani, S.R. Mousavi, Quantitative Analysis of Binary Aqueous Sodium Chlorate and Sodium perchlorate Solution ..., Analyst 120 (1995) 1945-1948.

                   H. Bagheri, M. Saraji, M. Chitsazan, S.R. Mousavi, M. Naderi, Orthogonal Array Design for Optimization of Solid Phase Extraction of some Pesticides from Surface Water , Journal of Chromatography A 888 (2000) 197-208.

                   H. Bagheri, A. Saber, S.R. Mousavi, Immersed Solvent Microextraction of Phenol and Chlorophenols from Water Samples, Journal of Chromatography A 1046 (2004) 27-33.

                   S. Shahrokhian, A. Taghani, A. Hamzeloei, S.R. Mousavi, Potentiometric Membrane Sensors Based on Zirconyl (IV) Phthalocyanine for Detection of Sulfosalicylic Acid, Talanta 63 (2004) 371-376.

                   S. Shahrokhian, A. Taghani, A. Hamzehloei, S.R. Mousavi, Electrocatalytic Oxidation of 2-Thiouracil and 2-Thiobarbituric Acid at a Carbon-Paste Electrode Modified with Cobalt Phthalocyanine, Electroanalysis 16 (2004) 915-925.

                   S. Shahrokhian, H. Seifi, M. Bagherzadeh, S.R. Mousavi, Effects of Ion-Carrier Substituents on the Potentiometric Response Characteristics in Anion-Selective Membrane Electrodes Based on Iron Porphyrins, ChemPhysChem, 5 (2004) 652-660.


B: Books

                   Chemistry Experiments for Instrumental Methods, By: D.T. Sawyer, W.R. Heineman, J.M. Baebe (1984), Farsi Translation, Iran Academic Press (2001) ISBN: 964-01-1021-3.


C: Conferences, Reports

                   A. Gholami, S.R. Mousavi, K. Kargosha, Dual Flame Atomic Spectrometry, 6th Iranian Seminar of Analytical Chemistry, Mazandaran University (2003) Iran.

                   S.R. Mousavi, M. Jalali-Heravi, M. Salahi, Extraction and Determination of Nitrozodiethanol Amine (NDELA) in Hygienic Products, 1st Iranian Seminar of Chemistry and Environments, Yasouj University (2005) Iran.

                   S.R. Mousavi, M. Naderi, E. Eghbali, Determination of 1,4-Dioxane in Cosmetic and Hygienic Products and Row Materials By HPLC, 2nd International & Twelfth National Congress of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering of Iran, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman (1997) Iran.

                   M. Tajrishi, S.R. Mousavi, Adsorption Nell as a Technique for Urban Wastewater Treatment, Sharif University Research Proceeding, 2003-2004.

                   S. Masoudi, M. Tajrishi, S.R. Mousavi, A. Abrishamchi, Identification and Determination of Odor and Taste Making Compound in Water Reservoirs, Research Reports in Sharif University, 2004-2005.


Courses Taught

                   General Chemistry

                   Analytical Chemistry I

                   Analytical Chemistry II

                   Analytical Labs

                   Instrumental Analysis Lab

                   Real Sample Analysis Lab

                   Analytical Chemistry for Chemical Engineering

                   Analytical Chemistry for Metalorgical Engineering

                   Surfactant and Detergent

                   Fundamentals of Water and Wastewater Treatment

                   Electrochemisty for Corrosion (M.Sc. Students)