Abbas Maleki


ABBAS MALEKI is Associate Professor of Energy Policy in Department of Energy Engineering at Sharif University of Technology ( He is Senior Associate at Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School of Government ( He is Vice President of Sharif university of Cultural and International Affairs. He was the Robert E. Wilhelm Fellow at Center for International Studies, MIT, at 2011-12. He is also Chairman of International Institute for Caspian Studies (, and Chairman of the Board, Khazar Sea Shipping Lines Company. He has several publications on energy policy, energy security, public policy, foreign policy of Iran, Islamic Revolution of Iran, Central Asia, Transcaucasia, and Caspian Studies. He was the member of Network of Global Agenda Councils of World Economic Forum (Davos) ( for 2011-12. He was Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran from 1980 to 1997, and one of the members of negotiating team for ending Iran-Iraq War at 1987 to 1992. His public policy activities are focused on Science and Public policy at the Research Center for Scientific, Technological, and industrial Policy Making, (


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