CE 40-443: Computer Networks

Saturday/Monday 1500-1630
Room: 101 CE Building

Office Hours:      Sat/Mon 16:30 to 17:00
TAs:                    Solmaz Salimi   
                            Mahdi Behroozikhah  
                            Amirpasha Ghabussi   
                            Arash Mollajafari

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This is an introductory course to computer networks. We will cover topics such as Direct Link Networks (i.e. Encoding, Error Detection, Reliable transmission, Ethernet, and etc.), Packet Switching (i.e. Switching and Forwarding, Bridges and LAN Switches, Cell Switching, and etc.), Internetworking (i.e. IP, Routing, Global Internet, MPLS, and etc.), and End-to-End Protocols (i.e. UDP, TCP, and etc.).

  You must also register for 40-416 Computer Networks Lab in the same semester
  Prerequisites: 40-181 Probability and Statistics
  Corequisites: 40-424 Operating Systems

  Textbook:   Computer Networks: A Systems Approach (Fifth Edition), by Larry L. Peterson, Bruce S. Davie.


  This course is primarily based on the Computer Networks course taught by Jennifer Rexford at Princeton University.




Course Material:

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