School of Mechanical Engineering




Graduate Students Supervised






Ph.D. Thesis

M. A. Hamed, Stress Analysis and Calculation of Strain Energy Release Rate for Composite Beams with Delamination under Mechanical Loads, 2006

Gh. Rashed, Multiaxial Stress-Strain Modelling and Fatigue Life Prediction for Drill, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, (Advisor) 2007

A. Fadaee, Impact of Random Residual Stresses on Fatigue Life of Welded Joints 2008

E. Hosseinian, Material modelling of DIN1.6959 steel and determination of stresses in autofrettaged thick-walled tubes, 2009

Y. Tadi Beni, Development and Application of Thermo-mechanical ALE Formulation in Simulation of Machining Process, 2009

S.A. Faghidian, Estimation of Residual Stress Field Using Limited Measurements, 2010

N. Habibi, Fatigue Analysis of repaired welded joints, 2011

S.H. Hoseini, Ductile Fracture Modelling Under Reverse Loading, 2012

M. Azadi, Thermo-mechanical fatigue life prediction model for Aluminum alloy A356.0 with thermal barrier coating 2013

S.M. Salehi, Life improvement of steel wheel by optimization of repair parameters according to Iranian railway standards 2016

M. Chamani, Investigation of wear properties of Nano coating through multiscale modelling of Nano scratch test 2016

K. Reza Kashizadeh, Fatigue Life Estimation of Automotive Steering Knucke in various maneuvers under constant and variable amplitude loadings, 2018

Kh. Sherafatnia, Analytical determination of residual stress distribution due to shot peening with considering the effect of initial stresses, 2018

A.Vojdani, Reliability of components operating under creep-fatigue conditions, 2019

M.S. Ghorashi, Modelling of multi-track laser cladding to evaluate effects of residual stress on fatigue life, 2019

H. Jafarzadeh, Thermodynamically Consistent Phase Field Modeling of Interaction between Crack Propagation and Phase Transformation, 2019

K. Minaei, Experimental investigation of fretting fatigue under combined loading and simulating the effect of grain size by crystal plasticity, in progress





M.Sc. Thesis

A. Ahmadi, Developing a fatigue life assessment method for vehicle BIW by considering spot welding joints, 2019

N. Amiri, Reliability of Ultrasonic technique used for defect detection of spot welded plates in automotive industry, 2019

M. Minaei, Effect analysis of arrangement, sequence and plate thickness of spot welding on residual stress and fatigue life of the joint, 2018

A.H. Borjali, Effects of using sheath on fixation strength of Bashti Bone Plug Technique (BBPT) in an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction, 2017

R. Tangestani, Investigation of the effective parameters and procedures to reduce residual stress of parts produced by wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM), 2017

R. Bikdelo, Effects of laser peening with different coverage areas on residual stress and fatigue crack growth, 2017

T. Hosseinzadeh, Experimental and finite element analysis of fatigue life for vehicle steering knuckle under road driving test, 2017

S. Mirmehdi, Investigation on the effect of constraint on fracture energy and fracture load prediction of solder joints using finite element modeling, 2017

B. Ahmadikia, High and Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Severe Shot Peened Welded Joints, 2016

A. Fallah, Characterisation of Mechanical Fracture Properties of an Alloy Steel Using Small-punch-test, 2016

M. A. Hosseinimehr, Reliability Study of Steel Welded Joints after Post-Weld Heat-Treatment and Shot Peening, 2016

R. Sarkarde, Effect of cryogenic treatment on distribution of residual stress and wear resistance, 2015

M. Moradi, Molecular Dynamic Simulation of Crack Propagation in Polycrystalline Materials, 2015

M. Ehsani, Finite Element Analysis of Repair Welding Residual Stress in Pressure Vessel and Piping Component, 2015

E. Rahmani, Determination of fatigue behavior of nanostructure of severe shot peened A356.0, 2014

H. Jafarzadeh, Determination of mechanical and fracture properties of nanostructure of severe shot peened A356.0 at room temperature, 2014

M. Esmaili, wear behaviour of nanostructure of severe shot peened Aluminium alloy, 2014

M. Nazemian, Finite element simulation of nanoindentation and nanoscratch tests on nano coating, 2014

M. Ghodrati, Numerical simulation of Al-Si alloy fatigue behavior under thermo-mechanical and isothermal loadings, 2013

M. Rezvanirad, Simulation of thermal barrier coating under thermo-mechanical and low cycle fatigue loadings, 2013

A. Shamloo, Cyclic behavior modeling of magnesium alloy (AZ91) under thermo-mechanical and low cycle fatigue loadings, 2013

M. Felfeli, Modeling stress-strain behavior of Aluminum alloy (A356.0) under thermo-mechanical loading, 2013 

V. Kazerani, Test methodology and wear characteristics of material at subzero temperature, 2012

H.R. Assemani, Influence of shot peening and post heat treatment on fatigue life of welded tubular joint and determination of residual stress relaxation during fatigue loading, 2012

M.R. Eftekhari, Optimization of fillet rolling of ductile cast iron crankshaft in order to increase the bending fatigue resistance, 2011

M. Chamani, Residual stress determination of multi-pass welding process, stress relieving procedures and its effect on crack propagation, 2011

M.S. Ghorashi, Effects of APS coating on wear characteristic of internal combustion engine cylinder, 2011

H. Norooznezhad, Failure analysis of torsion bar and improvement of manufacturing processes, 2010

K. Sherafatnia, Free vibration and buckling analysis of functionally graded beams with edge cracks using Reddy's shear deformation beam theory, 2010

S. M. H-Gangaraj, Effect of Grinding and Shot Peening on Fatigue Life of Welded Joints, 2009

A. Yari Boroojeni, Fatigue life calculation of jack-up welded joint considering residual stress and elliptical crack, 2009

S.A.H. Kashani, Determination of residual stress by instrumented indentation, 2009

R. Jahedi, A Thermal Analysis on Journal of Rotor, GE-F5, on Residual Stress Relaxation and Modification on increased Local Hardness by Heat Treatment, 2008

E. Masoumi Khalil Abad, Failure Analysis of Compressor Disk, 2008

M. Maleki, Residual Stress Analysis in Autofrettaged Compound Spherical Pressure Vessels Considering Actual Material Behavior and Bauschinger Effect, 2008.

B. Haghpanah J., A comparison between FGM Spherical and Cylindrical Autofrettaged Pressure Vessels considering the Bauschinger effect, 2008

M. Mirmousayi, Prediction of Fatigue Crack Growth Through residual stress (Far & Near) Fields, 2008.

A. Moradi, Prediction of Fatigue Crack Growth for Different R-Ratios Considering Cyclic Plasticity Near the Crack Tip, 2007.

M. Sistaninia. Thermal Analysis of Laser Hardening, 2007.

S. H. Hoseini, Determination of Residual Stresses in Autofrettaged Compound Tubes Prior to Shrink-fit, 2006.

M. Mohammadi, Determination of Residual Stresses in Shrink-fit Prior to Autofrettaged Compound Tubes, 2006.

A. H. Mohajerani, Study of Fretting Fatigue in Gas Turbine and Effect of Residual Stresses on Turbine Life, 2005.

R. Jabery, Effect of Transverse and Longitudinal Cracks of Frequencies and Mode Shapes of Pressure Vessels, 2005.

H. Ghadbeigy, The Effect of Heat Treatments and Shot-Peening on Fatigue Life of Cold Forging Dies, 2005.

M. Karimi, Reliability Analysis of Tubular Joints of offshore Platforms Based on Fatigue Cracks Growth, 2005.

A. Montazeri, Determination and Measurement of residual stress in a Thick-Walled Cylinder by Hole-Drilling, 2004.

M. Saeedifar, Finite element Method Application in Vehicle Crash Analysis, 2004.

R. Moslemi, An Elasto-plastic Model Based on Variable Material Property for Determining Residual Stresses using Hole-Drilling, 2004.

A. Sadighi, Failure Analysis of a Notched Shaft under Multiaxial Loading by FE Method, 2004.

F. Hosseinzadeh, The Effect of Residual Stress Field on Fatigue Crack Closure and Crack Growth Behaviour of a Micro-alloy, Bu-Ali Sina University, 2003.

S. M. Harati, The Effect of Carburizing and Shot-Peening on Contact Fatigue of Automotive Gears, Bu-Ali Sina University, 2003.

Sh. Blouri, Consideration of Plasticity in Residual Stresses Measurement, Bu-Ali Sina University, 2003.

H. Chinekesh, Effect of Contact Geometry on Fretting Fatigue for Aluminum Alloy Al-2024-T3, Bu-Ali Sina University, 2003

N. Habibi, Experimental and Numerical Study of Thread and Nut on Fatigue Life Bolts with Different Standard, Bu-Ali Sina University, 2003.

M. R. Abbasi, Improvement of the Crash Behavior of the Vehicle Front Rail using New Design Aspects, 2003.

R. Chopani Jouybari, Dimensional Accuracy Analysis of Cold Impact Extruded Components, 2003.

A. Khalaj, Test Road Design for Vehicle Life Experiment, 2002.

N. Shamsaie. Life Assessment of Vehicle Parts Under Random Dynamic Loads, 2002.

S. Darestani Farahani, Effect of Surface Roughness Due to Shot Peening on Fatigue Strength, 2001

J. Seidi, Determination of Mechanical Parameters of Fractures of Bovine Cortical Bone under Hundred Percent Humidity and 370C, Bu-Ali Sina University, 2001.

A. Nouri, Investigation of Effect of Fretting Fatigue on Aluminum, Bu-Ali Sina University, 2000.

H. Alizadeh, Experimental Study of Dynamic Behavior of Structural Steel at High Strain Rate, Bu-Ali Sina University, 1999.

S. M. Hosseini, Study of Wear, Design of a Wear Test Rig and Computer Simulation of Wear Mechanisms, Bu-Ali Sina University, 1999

R. Payvar, Determination of Stress Intensity Factor by Buckner Weight Functions for a Semi-elliptical Internal Crack in a Thick-walled Cylinder, Bu-Ali Sina University, 1999

S. Shahbazian, Investigation into initiation and propagation of fretting cracks, Bu-Ali Sina University, 1998