Computational Physics


Lecturer: Reza Ejtehadi

Time: Sundays and Tuesdays, 2:30 4:00

Room: Phys-3



Computational Physics, by Nicholas J. Giordano

An Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods : Applications to Physical System By Jan Tobochnik

Computer Simulation Methods in Theoretical Physics by Dieter W. Heermann

A Guide to Monte Carlo Simulations in Statistical Physics by David P Landau, Kurt Binder

Fractal Concepts in Surface Growth by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, Harry Eugene Stanley




The main aim of the class is reviewing most of popular simulation methods in an intermediate level. The class is interactive and all students should make their personal copy of codes. There is no restriction on programming language, but a good skill in programming is necessary. Even though I will briefly review some thermodynamic concepts, some basic knowledge of statistical mechanics and thermodynamics are required.

       Deterministic Methods

o      Simple differential equations

o      One-body mechanics problems

o      Molecular dynamics

o      Many-body problem

o      Oscillatory motion

o      Chaotic dynamics

       Stochastic Methods

o      Random integration

o      Random walk

o      Percolation and fractal growth

o      Monte Carlo simulation






TA: Leyla Javidpour

Roham Rahnama-Farzami

Time: TBA

Room: Computer lab




First lecture: Tue. September 27st (5 Mehr)

Last lecture: Tue. December 27th (6 Day)





Homework and Quizzes 50%

Final Exam 50%


Homework Results and the best of the week



Final Results