Lecturer: Reza Ejtehadi
Time:     Sundays and Tuesdays
Room:     TBA
Office time: Saturdays, 10:30 – 12:00 


1Text: Biological Physics: Energy, Information, Life
By Philip Nelson  

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Farnoosh Farahpoor





First lecture:       Tues. Jan. 31st (11 Bahman)
Last lecture:        Sun.  June. 3rd (13 Khordad)

Midterm Exam:   TBA
Final Exam:        TBA


Homework and Quizzes 20%
Midterm 30%
Final Exam 50%
Bonus problems 10%

To the students:

This course hopefully will help us to figure out how much physics is involving on biological life, among them thermodynamics, entropic forces, low Reynolds number hydrodynamics, phase transition,  chemical forces, molecular motors,  charged systems. The text book also serves to introduce much of the conceptual material underlying the young fields of nanotechnology and soft materials. Definitely, I am not going to teach Biology in this course, as I don’t know that myself! This is very much a physics course, and will emphasize the quantitative aspects of biological phenomena. I strongly recommend all students to read this and this before taking the course.

Some homework problems require some computational work. A basic knowledge of computing (Mathematica, C or FORTRAN) would likely come in handy.

Even though I will briefly review some thermodynamic concepts, basic knowledge of statistical mechanics and thermodynamics are necessary.

Useful links:

·   RasMol (a free pdb viewer) is available here.
·   pdb files for proteins available at the Protein Database.
·   pdb files for nucleic acids are available at the Nucleic Acid Database.
·   Some educational resources are listed here and also here.
·   A rich selection of web resources for computational biology.

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