CADS2015 and RTEST2015 ( will have joint welcome reception and opening remarks. All attendees registered for either of these two conferences can attend all keynote speeches but can only attend the registered technical program.

Day 1: October 7, 2015

Time Session
7:45~8:30 Welcome Reception (CADS/RTEST)
8:30~9:00 Opening Remarks (CADS/RTEST)
9:00~10:20 Keynote Speech #1: Prof. Onur Mutlu
10:20~11:00 Poster Session 1 (Break)
11:00~12:00 Session 1: Cache and Processor
12:00~13:30 Lunch & Break
13:30~14:30 Session 2: Energy & Power
14:30~15:00 Break
15:00~16:00 Keynote Speech #2: Prof. Enrico Bini
16:00~16:30 Break
16:30~17:30 Session 3: Security & Malware Detection

Day 2: October 8, 2015

Time Session
8:30~9:50 Session 4: Circuit & Modeling
9:50~10:30 Break
10:30~11:30 Keynote Speech #3: Prof. Nader Bagherzadeh
11:30~12:00 Poster Session 2
12:00~13:30 Lunch & Break
13:30~14:45 Keynote Speech #4: Prof. Joerg Henkel
14:45~15:15 Break
15:15~16:00 Session 5: Arithmetic
16:00~16:30 Break
16:30~17:00 Best Paper Announcement & Concluding Remarks

Day 1 (Wednesday): October 7, 2015

Keynote Speech #1: Prof. Onur Mutlu (CMU)
Wednesday: 9:00AM-10:20AM

Title: Rethinking Memory System Design for Data-Intensive Computing

Poster Session 1
Wednesday: 10:20AM-11:00AM

  • Sedigheh Farhadtoosky, Milad Bagherian Khosroshahy, and Mohammad Hosein Abedi. Improved Layout Implementation of Mini-MIPS in terms of Power, Performance and Chip Footprint
  • Sajjad Mozaffari, Bardia Azizian, and Mohammad Hadi Shadmehr. Highly Efficient Alpha-Beta Pruning Minimax Based Loop Trax Solver on FPGA

Session 1: Cache and Processor
Wednesday: 11:00AM-12:00AM
Session Chair: Amir-Hossein Jahangir (Sharif University of Technology)

  • Mehrdad Biglari, Kamyar Mirzazad Barijough, Maziar Goudarzi, and Behnaz Pourmohseni. A Fine-Grained Configurable Cache Architecture for Soft Processors
  • Abolfazl Ghavidel, Mohammad Hajibegloo, Abdorreza Savadi, and Yasser Sedaghat. LTS: Linear Task Scheduling on Multiprocessor through Equation of the Line
  • Peiman Pourmomen, Hamid R. Zarandi, and Mohammad Rasekh Jahromi. Series memristors: A hardened memory cell design against read faults

Session 2: Energy and Power
Wednesday: 13:30PM-14:30PM
Session Chair: Mahdi Fazeli (Iran University of Science & Technology)

  • Kolsoom Mehrabi, Behzad Ebrahimi, and Ali Afzali Kusha. A Robust And Low Power 7 transistors SRAM Cell Design
  • Bagher Salami, Abdorreza Savadi, and Hamid Noori. GreenDPA: Thermal-Aware Execution of Data Parallel Applications
  • Heikki Kultala, Joonas Multanen, Pekka Jääskeläinen, Timo Viitanen, and Jarmo Takala. Impact of Operand Sharing to the Processor Energy Efficiency

Keynote Speech #2: Prof. Enrico Bini (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa)
Wednesday: 15:00PM-16:00PM

Title: Challenges in the Design of Resource Constrained Cyber Physical Systems

Session 3: Security and Malware Detection
Wednesday: 16:30PM-17:30PM
Session Chair: Siavash Bayat-Sarmadi (Sharif University of Technology

  • Ziba Eslami, Nasrollah Pakniat, and Mahnaz Noroozi. Hierarchical Threshold Multi-Secret Sharing Scheme Based on Birkhoff Interpolation and Cellular Automata
  • Peyman Khodamoradi, Mahmood Fazlali, Farhad Mardukhi, and Masoud Nosrati. Heuristic metamorphic malware detection based on statistics of assembly instructions using classification algorithms

Day 2 (Thursday): October 8, 2015

Session 4: Circuit and Modeling
Thursday: 8:30AM-9:50AM
Session Chair: Keivan Navi (Shahid Beheshti University)

  • Majid Moghaddam, Mohammad Hossein Moaiyeri, and Mohammad Eshghi. A Low-Voltage Level Shifter Based on Double-Gate MOSFET
  • Seyed-Hosein Attarzadeh-Niaki, and Ingo Sander. Integrating Functional Mock-up Units into A Formal Heterogeneous System Modeling Framework
  • Alireza Abdoli and Ali Jahanian. A General-Purpose Field-Programmable Pin-Constrained Digital Microfluidic Biochip
  • Amir Mokhtar Chabi, Arman Roohi, Hossein Khademolhosseini, Shaahin Angizi, Ronald F. Demara, and Keivan Navi. Cost-Efficient QCA Reversible Combinational Circuits Based on a New Reversible Gate

Keynote Speech #3: Prof. Nader Bagherzadeh (University of California, Irvine)
Thursday: 10:30AM-11:30AM

Title: A Review of Some of the Challenges and Opportunities for Internet of Things (IoT)

Poster Session 2
Thursday: 11:30AM-12:00AM

  • Ehsan Moradi, Mahmood Fazlali, and Hadi Tabatabaee. Fast parallel community detection algorithm
  • Dariush Abedi and Ghassem Jaberipur. Coplanar QCA Serial Adder and Multiplier via Clock-Zone Based Crossovers
  • Sied Ali Ansarmohammadi, Saeed Shahinfar, and Hamid Nejatollahi. Fast and Area Efficient Implementation for Chaotic Image Encryption Algorithms

Keynote Speech #4: Prof. Joerg Henkel (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Thursday: 13:30PM-14:45PM

Title: Dark Silicon and Dependability

Session 5: Arithmetic
Thursday: 15:15PM-16:00PM
Session Chair: Ghassem Jaberipur (Shahid Beheshti University)

  • Vahid Jamshidi, Mahdi Fazeli, and Ahmad Patooghy. A Low Hybrid MTJ/CMOS (4-2) Compressor for Fast Arithmetic Circuits
  • Somayeh Timarchi, Negar Akbarzadeh, and Amir Abbas Hamidi. Maximally Redundant High-Radix Signed-Digit Residue Number System