Postgraduate Theses Titles

Master of Engineering

1- Copper loss in Sarcheshmeh Reverberarory Furnace By: H. Rahmani Seraji, 1994
2- Reduction Roasting of Hematite By: H. Jazaeri, 1998.
3- Application of EAF Steel Slags in Cement industries By: F. Najafi Rashid Abad, 1998.
4- Nanocrystalline PbS and its Characterisation By: M. Sasani Ghamsari, 1999.
5- Back Attack in Copper Converter By: H. Karimi, 2000.
6- Production of Stransium Carbonate from Iran Low grade Selestine Ores By: A. Adl, 2000.
7- Slopping phenomenon in Copper Converter By: M. Soozanian Kashani, 2000.
8- Application of Prefused Calsium Alominate Slags in Secondary Steelmaking By: p.Ebrahiminejad, 2000.
9- Hydrometallurgical Zinc Recovery from TBRC Zinc slags By: M. Esmaeeli, 2001. 10-Degradation of ZnO Varistor By: S.A. Mortazavi, 2002.
11-Extraction of Cobalt from primary Cobalt Ores By: S. Salahshoor, 2002.
12-Extraction of Cobalt from secondary resources By: M. Haj ali akbari, 2002.
13-Copper and graphite grain size as well as Morphological effects on ..... By: M. moeini, 2003.
14-Feasibility Study of Using Pulse column in Zinc Solvent Extraction By: H. Angooraj, 2003.
15-Recovery of WC from Oil drilling Parts By: M. Mokmeli, 2003.
16-Thermodynamic and Kenetic of Sn and Zn fumes from Molten Copper mattes By: K. Ramin Afshar, 2004.
17-Modelling of serface Active elements Peneteration Effect in weld Pool By: O. Omidvar, 2005. need
18-Laboratory Physical Modelling of slopping Phenomenon in Copper Converter By: M. Amir Hosseini, 2005.
19-Splashing Phenomenon Effect in copper Converter By: A. Hassanzadeh, 2005
20- hasanzakde Production of TiO2 Nanoparticles By Sol-Gel method and its Characterisation By: S. Mahshid, 2006.
21- Solvent Extraction of Zinc fromLow Grade angooran Zinc Mines By: P. Darmani, 2008.