Taught Courses

Undergraduate Courses

-Basis of Materials Production ((I)- Pyrometallurgy

-Basis of Materials Production ((II)- Hydrometallurgy

- Extractive Metallurgy (I)

- Basis of Extractive Metallurgy (I)

- Ironmaking and Steelmaking

- Steelmaking

- Extraction of Iron

- Physical Chemistry of Materials

- Thermodynamics of Materials

- Englsh for Metallurgists

- Nonferrous extractive Metallurgy (II)

- Ore Dressing Lab

Postgraduate (Master and PhD) courses

- Theory of Pyrometallurgy

- Multi Component Oxide Systems

- Feasibility Study of Metallurgical Processes

- Phase Separation in Extractive Metallurgy

- Metallurgical Plant Design

- Advance Thermodynamics

- Special topics ( Surface and Interfaces)